Santa Fe 2571 – EMD CF7

In the 1970’s, the AT&SF Railroad needed road engines that could also function as switch engines, but they couldn’t afford to buy new locomotives. The railroad had many aging F7’s that could be used, but the “covered wagon” body would have made switching work difficult, requiring the engineer to stick his head out of the…

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OKRX 814 – EMD F9A

After the locomotive was retired, it was donated to ORM in 1982. The locomotive currently wears Frisco colors and is in operable condition. The original prime mover was an EMD Model 567C, but was later converted to an EMD

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OKRX 48 - SW 8

OKRX 48 – SW 8

While at Fort Sill, the locomotive was sent to Tulsa for painting. When returned, there were flat spots on wheels on axles 1, 2, & 4. The ORM had to have wheels turned before the locomotive could be shipped to OKC. In 2015, the locomotive was repainted in MKT colors by ORM volunteers, and was…

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