Motorcar Excursions

The Oklahoma Railway Museum is proud to host Motorcar Excursions for our community. 

A motorcar excursion is a unique way for train enthusiasts to explore the rails and experience the thrill of riding on a vintage motorcar. Along the way, participants can take in the scenery, spot wildlife, and stop at scenic overlooks for photo opportunities. For train enthusiasts, a motorcar excursion is a perfect way to experience the thrill of the rails in a unique and memorable way.

If you are interested in learning more about our motorcar excursions or you would like to join one of our excursions, please email

Oklahoma Railway Museum is an Affiliate of NARCOA (North America Rail Car Owners Association).  All Motor Car Events are conducted under NARCOA Rules and Regulations.

The Motorcar Operation are for ORM members who belong to NARCOA (North American Rail Car Owners of America) and own a motor car having been licensed by NARCOA by passing a rules test and mentoring. ORM as an Affiliate of NARCOA obtains permission from the railroad to conduct an operation and obtains an insurance policy covering the railroad, ORM and NARCOA. Members can invite guest who must sign a release to ride with them or if seats are available and any operator may allow a guest to ride upon signing the release.


Motorcar Ride Bulletin

Saturday/Sunday, April 27-28, 2024


Farmrail - Clinton, OK

Excursion Coordinator (EC): Drake Rice 405-478-3225


ORM is an affiliate of NARCOA and this trip will be on the Farmrail Railroad. Person must be a member of ORM (museum membership is $40.00 and seniors 65+ $35.00, forms available on website). The Saturday trip will be southward out of Clinton on the ex-Frisco trackage to Snyder, Ok and return, while the Sunday trip will be from Clinton to Erick on the ex-Rock Island Line. The total mileage for the two runs will be approximately 240 miles. Please note, set on will be at the Farmrail Shops on the East side of Clinton.

Saturday, April 27, 2022 – Clinton to Snyder– Round trip 126 miles


Set on Location: Set On Location: 100 block E. Hayes. Directions, Hayes runs east west 3 blocks south of Business Loop I-40. From Bus. I-40, go south on 2nd street, 3 blocks, then turn left on Hayes. We will be able to park on railroad property. On Saturday return, we may be able to leave our units on the track overnight but will not know till set on.


Meet Information: Start Set On: 7:30 AM

Safety Meeting: 8:20AM

Departure: 8:30AM

Approx. Return 6:00 PM


Trip will proceed south from the Farmrail Shops in Clinton on the old Frisco Main to Snyder. There will be a short rest stop in Rocky, then on to Snyder for a lunch stop. We will return and plan a short stop in Cordell then continue north back to Clinton arriving before 5:00 P.M.


Sunday, April 28, 2022 – Clinton to Erick, OK – Round trip 120 miles


Sunday Set On Location: At the Farmrail Shops, 100 block E. Hayes.


Start Set On: 7:30 AM

Safety Meeting 8:15 AM

Departure 8:30 AM

Approximate return 5:30 PM


Sunday’s trip will be west on the former Rock Island Line to Erick. We will have a break at Elk City near a Hutch Convivence store and use a Hy-rail to the store and then back to our units. Then continue to Erick where we will turn the units. There is a Subway location in Erick. After we have lunch, we will return to Elk City stopping by the Hutch Store for a short break. Then return to Clinton.


Cost: $75.00 donation to the Oklahoma Railway Museum, $75.00 to Farmrail. Total $150.00 covers both days. Please have correct change if possible. Checks are acceptable, one for Farmrail and one for ORM.


Other Requirements: Must be a member of ORM; valid NARCOA Insurance card and Operators certification; NARCOA rulebook 8.3 in effect for this event. Please print out an inspection sheet and do your pre-run check. All units will be checked prior to the run. Please make sure your unit is in good operating order. Also remember that flashing amber lights are required on all equipment, this is a Farmrail Safety Directive, no exceptions.


Motels: Days Inn 866-601-9330, 1220 S. 10th Street. Located exit 65A; Ramada Inn, 580-323-2010, 2140 W. Gary Blvd., located exit 65 off I-40. Hampton Inn, 2000 Lexington, 580-323-4267 is south of the Ramada Inn by Montana Mikes Restaurant. There are other motels in Clinton. Super 8, Holiday Inn Express and several others.



Motorcar Ride Bulletin

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad – McAlester, Oklahoma

Excursion Coordinator: Tom Harrington 918-683-8751 Assistant Excursion Coordinator: Drake Rice 405-808-7516

This trip will be on the Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad (A-OK). We will travel eastward on the ex-Rock Island Railroad trackage that A-OK operates. Total mileage for Saturday will be 92 miles. The track parallels US 270.


Saturday, June 22, 2024 – McAlester, OK to Red Oak, OK – 92 miles Round Trip.


Set On Location: 5th Street Crossing, between E. Choctaw Ave and E. Chickasaw Ave. McAlester, OK. Directions: 5th street runs north/south 1 block south of US 270 (Carl Albert Pkwy) that is the main east/west street in downtown McAlester. The crossing is four lanes but only two are used and this is not a major north south street in McAlester. Flagers will be needed for safety issues while off loading and on loading our equipment. We will be able to park our trucks and trailers on the railroad right of way or the parking lot, which can be seen from the set on location which is south and west of this point and behind the building at 10 S 3rd Street in McAlester. Permission has been given by the lot owner to use their lot.


Meet Information

Start Set On: 8:00 AM

Safety Meeting: 8:50 AM

Departure: 9:00 AM

Approximate Return: 5:00 PM


From the set on location in McAlester (mile post 366) we will go east towards Wilburton (mp 335.6), where we will have a rest stop. Wilburton where the A-OK offices and shops are located, we will continue on east to Red Oak (mp 322.8) for lunch. In Red Oak across the highway from the small rail yard is a service station that has lunch items. The lunch break will be 1 hour. Then we will proceed back to Wilburton for a short stop and then return to McAlester. We should return around 4:00 PM and be clear of the tracks by 5:00 PM.


Cost: $50.00 Payable to the Oklahoma Railway Museum


Other Requirements: Must be a member of ORM

Valid NARCOA insurance card and operator’s certificate required

NARCOA rulebook 8.3 in effect for this event

Please bring the following completely filled out and signed NARCOA forms:

· NARCOA and Affiliate Release Form (one page front and back)

· NARCOA Rail Vehicle Car Inspection Form.

AmericaInn Lodge, Breakfast is included in this cost), 918-426-1300, 609 S. George Nigh Expy; Motels-Hiway Inn & Suites, 918-423-7170, 419 S. George Nigh Expy; 69 Hwy Holiday Inn Express, 918-302-0001, 650 S. George Nigh Expry. Four miles further south Days Inn, 918-426-5050, 1217 S. George Nigh Expy. There are a number of other motels like Hampton, Comfort, etc.

If you need ORM membership information, go to the website; and it is available. Mail ORM memberships to Charles Price, Treasurer.

Future Excursions - More details to come

September TBD

October TBD