OKRX 48 – SW 8

This engine was built in 1952 by General Motors’ Electromotive Division as US Army No. 2034. It saw service in Korea during the war. It was rebuilt at Hill Air Force base in 1987, then stationed at the Army Ammunition plant in McAlister, OK. Transferred to Fort Sill, OK in 1992.

Length: 45 ft 10 in.
Weight: 229,000 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 600 gal.
OKRX 48 - SW 8

While at Fort Sill, the locomotive was sent to Tulsa for painting. When returned, there were flat spots on wheels on axles 1, 2, & 4. The ORM had to have wheels turned before the locomotive could be shipped to OKC. In 2015, the locomotive was repainted in MKT colors by ORM volunteers, and was also renumbered as OKRX No. 48. It is currently in active condition.

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