Merit Badge

Scout Merit Badge

If you have a Scout who's passionate about railroading, we have good news for you: the Oklahoma Railway Museum offers a unique merit badge program for Scouts or other youth groups that want to learn more about railroading.

The Gary Githens Memorial Railroading Merit Badge Program is a day-long workshop held at the Museum. Youth who complete the program satisfactorily will receive a unique Oklahoma Railway Museum patch.

The program includes:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Hands-on interaction with Museum artifacts
  • Railroad technology and car tour
  • Scale model railroad simulation
  • Demonstrations

This is the only place you can get this unique merit badge. Organize a session for your youth group and earn this special patch today.


Scouts: Be Prepared!

Scouts are strongly encouraged to review the current BSA Railroading Merit Badge Requirements 2022.

Scouts should read the BSA Railroading Merit Badge Pamphlet prior to this class. It is a great resource for what a Scout will need to know for this merit badge. In our experience, Scouts who have done no preparation may enjoy the day but often do not achieve their educational goals.

The ORM Railroading merit badge Workbook 2023 is also available. While this form is not required, the worksheet can be a great way for a scout to organize their notes to be prepared for their sign-off.

To Scout leaders:

It is very helpful for Scout leaders to conduct a pre-event briefing leading their troop through the Merit Badge Handbook.