SPMW 6029 – MOW tool car

This car was built in 1962 by the Pacific Car & Foundry Company for the Southern Pacific RR as ‘Economy’ baggage car SP 6701.

Length: 66 ft.
SPMW-6029-2 (1)

In the late 1950s the Southern Pacific had many aging baggage cars from the 1920s and 1930s whose maintenance costs were rising rapidly. To replace them Southern Pacific ordered 100 new lightweight baggage cars from the St. Louis Car Company in 1960 followed by another 100 from Pacific Car & Foundry in 1962. This car is from that later batch. Later on, it was converted to a tool car and put into service as SPMW 6029, a Maintenance of Way car. This car was donated to the Museum by the Union Pacific RR in 2011. It is used for storage.

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