Rock Island 760 – Baggage / RPO

This car was originally built in 1948 by the Pullman Company for the New York Central Railroad as No. 10416 “Peekskill Bay,” a 22 roomette sleeping car.

RI-RPO-760_delivery-680x383 (1)

In 1959, it was sold to the Rock Island Railroad (CRI&P) and converted into a baggage car, No. 867. In about 1965, the Rock Island modified No. 867 into a combination Railway Post Office (RPO) and Baggage Car, renumbering it as No. 760. The car was retired from service in about 1968 and sold into private ownership. Somehow, it ended up in Texas without trucks or couplers. Thanks to a generous donation, this car was purchased by our Railway Museum and transported to Oklahoma in 2017. It is currently resting on a set of freight trucks. Refurbishment will be undertaken as time and finances allow.