Railcar Movers

A railcar mover is a vehicle used to move railroad equipment in sidings, small railyards, and industrial complexes. They are designed to travel on both road and rail and are typically strong enough to pull several fully loaded freight cars at once.


Most have four rubber-tired road wheels, four small retractable rail wheels, and couplers mounted on each end. They are used by rail customers as an alternative to switcher locomotives as they are cheaper and more flexible. Since they have road wheels a railcar mover can go around railcars in the way or travel several tracks over much more easily than a locomotive could. They can be seen in places such as grain elevators, chemical plants, workshops and small private yards.

The Oklahoma Railway Museum has three railcar movers. The smallest is a model 2TMA2079 built in 1978, donated by Bob Hussey. The largest is a ShuttleWagon Model SWX45A. The third is an Isco 300-8 built by Nordco,  donated by Gary Pistole in December 2017.