This locomotive, OKRX 2, and its sister, the former OKRX 3, were built by the American Locomotive Works in May 1955 for the Magma Copper Company, a subsidiary of the San Manuel Copper Company. Both units were equipped with Model 244 12-cylinder prime movers.

Length: 55 ft 11 in.
Weight: 229,000 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 800 gal.

The engines were sold to the Blacklands Railroad in Sulphur Springs, TX. ORM member Jim Terrell purchased both units plus many spare parts and donated them to the Museum in 2005. OKRX 3, in an internally stripped-out state, was later sold and was moved to the Arizona State Railroad Museum in early 2019. OKRX 2 has previously been repainted and it is hoped to be returned to operation in the future.

Photo Gallery - OKRX 2