MKT 1045 – Inspection car

This unique one-of-a-kind inspection car was built in 1973 at the Katy’s (M-K-T) shops in Denison, TX, from a former 40’ all-steel Pullman-Standard boxcar.


The car was painted green and used by M-K-T’s operating department for track inspections between 1973 and 1988. After the Katy was acquired by Union Pacific in 1988, this car was no longer needed and was set to be given to the city of Denison, TX, for display.

However, due to delays, it was instead sold to the U.S. Army, who painted it red. The ORM acquired the Inspection car from Fort Sill Army Base where the car was used as an office to do load plans to ship out military trains and trucks. MKT 1045 remained at Fort Sill, OK, until 2012 when it was transferred to the ORM. It was repainted into its original MKT paint scheme 2016-2017.