Frisco Velocipede

This velocipede is a lightweight rider-propelled vehicle built by the Sheffield Velocipede Car Company of Three Rivers, Michigan.

Weight: 140 lbs.

While the date of construction is not known, the company produced velocipedes as early as the 1880s. Powered by hand and foot, it was used by rail maintenance workers on the St Louis & San Francisco Railway (FRISCO) for track inspection and repair. At 140 pounds it was light enough to be swung off the tracks by hand to make way for trains. Most velocipedes used on American railways had three wheels and were similar to this design. The frame is made of white ash with metal fittings. The spokes in the front wheels are wood, and the rims are cast iron. The rear wheel is a replacement. The velocipede was donated to the Museum by Neal Baucum of Mustang, OK, on behalf of former Frisco Road Master R. B. Morse in March 2011. Restoration was completed in 2017, and it is now on display in the north room of the Oakwood Depot.

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