Frisco 2568 – Pullman Tourist Sleeper (Display car)

This car was built in April 1913 by the Pullman Palace Car Company, Builder’s No. 108028, original name ‘Arringdale’, to Plan 2410. It was one of nearly three thousand sleepers built to the same basic design between 1910 and 1923 for Pullman services all across North America.


‘Arringdale’ was converted to a tourist sleeper in May 1943 and given the number 2568. The Saint Louis & San Francisco (Frisco) RR purchased the car on October 6th, 1950 and converted it into a maintenance-of-way bunk and kitchen car.

It was acquired by the ORM in May 2001 from the Capital Steel Company. The car was originally going to be cut up for scrap, but Capitol Steel was happy to donate the car to the Museum on the condition that it be moved as soon as possible. The Museum converted it to a Display Car in 2002, and it now houses railroad artifacts and displays.