Farmrail 5478 and 5627 – Coaches

These two passenger cars were built for Canadian National in 1954 by Canadian Car & Foundry as part of a large order for 218 new lightweight coaches, ordered in two batches in 1952 and 1953.

Length: 85 ft 4 in.
Farmrail-cars-arrived-3-Dec-2020_cropped-680x452 (1)

They were built as 80-seat coaches, but became 76-seat coaches in the 1960’s when 4 seats were replaced with luggage racks. They were sold to VIA Rail after retirement by CN and continued operating on various routes across Canada.

Farmrail later purchased three of these cars and overhauled No. 5478 & No. 5627 in 1999, installing modern electrical and HVAC systems. They were used for business trains and excursion services for many years before being put into storage. The two cars were purchased by Oklahoma Railway Museum in 2020, arriving at the museum on December 3rd. They are in excellent mechanical condition and will be used regularly on train services.

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