CONX 50020 – Sante Fe 6919 – Boxcar

One of three “auto boxcars” at the ORM, this car was originally built in 1928 as a Class FE-S by the General American Transportation Corporation. It was rebuilt at Topeka, KS, in 1941 as a Class FE-23 with a road number ATSF 6919.

Length: 50 ft.
Weight: 60,180 lbs.

Two hundred forty nine FE-23 boxcars were constructed with numbers 6750-6999. Both the FE-22 and FE-23 class cars had a capacity of 50 tons. The major difference as-built was the FE-22 class had a 1″ interior wood lining, and the FE-23 class had a 13/16″ interior wood lining. The capacity for the FE-22 was 4927 cubic feet, and the FE-23 had a capacity of 4949 cubic feet.

Both classes of cars were used to transport autos, trucks, farm equipment and heavy machinery. Some of the cars in both classes were modified to carry aircraft parts and assemblies. The as-built Santa Fe paint job on both classes of cars was: sides, ends, trucks and underframe – mineral brown; roof – anti slip matte black; lettering and stenciling – white. All the cars received the large system map to the right of the double doors on the right side of the car with the slogan, “Ship Santa Fe All The Way.” The left side of the cars to the right of the double doors received one of four name train slogans: Scout, El Capitan, Super Chief, or Chief. The paint scheme changed many times over the years, and there are too many to mention. Half of the FE-S class was leased to the New York Central RR between 1938 and 1939 (before their 1940s conversion). They painted over the ATSF with NYC and painted out the Santa Fe on the herald. Otherwise, they were not changed.

Previous owners: The Santa Fe RR used the cars for transport of Crossly automobiles. The Continental Oil Company (CONOCO) used the end-loading capabilities for grease drums. The last car of the class was retired in 1974.

This auto boxcar was donated to the Museum by the Continental Oil Company.

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