C&NW 7721 – Combine

Built by the American Car & Foundry Company in July 1929, Commuter Combine #7721 was one of many lightweight commuter coaches originally operated by the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad. It was part of an order of 120 cars delivered in 1929 and 1930, all completed with roller bearings and extensive aluminum construction. These allowed for more efficient trains.

Length: 81 ft.
Weight: 98,300 lbs.

CNW #7721 is a “combine,” having both spaces for passengers and for baggage. It was built with 33 double seats, and was able to seat a total of 70 riders. Handholds were provided to allow standing riders as well.

The car was taken out of service sometime after 1939 and eventually sold to the Dodge City, Ford & Bucklin Railroad. It was repainted in a blue and white color scheme and renumbered as DCF&B #136. The car and several others were later purchased by the Guthrie Arts Council and moved to Guthrie, Oklahoma.

The ORM purchased this car in January 2004 from the Guthrie Arts Council, and repainted it into its green-and-yellow CNW paint scheme, returning the car to its original number as well. The roof and interior were extensively refurbished in the summer of 2019. This car is wheelchair accessible.

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